Improving the quality of life in Africa by supplying cleaner and reliable energy.

We are 2050 Energy

Improving the quality of life in Africa by supplying cleaner and reliable energy.

Our Vision

To be a top-ten pre-eminent African energy company, powering the development of the continent, by leveraging on global energy transition and a net zero emissions world by 2050.


Years to net zero


RSA Gas consumption


Gas demand by 2030


Integrity, respect and stakeholder focus

Technical and business excellence

Passion for the Environment, Safety and Health

Valued and driven employees

Our Project

FSRU & LNG Import Project in South Africa

  • The Opportunity
    • In September 2020, the South African Cabinet approved a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.
    • But coal constitutes ~70% of the energy used in SA today.
    • The Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) is “the beginning of our journey towards ultimately reaching a net zero economy by 2050”.

    The Transition to 2050

    • Growing environmental pressure (climate change) and depleting coal reserves call for substitution with gas as transition fuel.
    • A shift from coal to gas as an interim measure in the energy mix finds a new level.

    The Solution – Gas …

    • RSA currently consumes some c200 PJa of gas, constrained mostly by limited supply via the Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Company (ROMPCo) pipeline from Southern Mozambique
    • Gas demand is projected to grow to at least 450 PJa by 2030, fueled by substitution of coal in electricity generation, industrial demand and cleaner liquid fuel needs
    • Department of Minerals Regulation and Energy (DMRE) Integrated Resource Plan 2019 (IRP) calls for 3GW of new gas power generation by 2027.
    • The Solution

    2050 Energy (Pty) Ltd together with its strategic partners (a Global LNG Terminal Operator and Trader) are working to:

    • Set-up LNG Storage and Regasification infrastructure to import LNG into South Africa
    • Develop a profitable gas distribution business in South Africa, supplying gas to anchor CCGT Power customers and selling the additional gas to industrial customers. 


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